Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Dr. Argenis Sánchez Pacheco

Dr. Argenis Sánchez Pacheco was born in the Dominican Republic in 1981. Since a young age, he was interested in medicine, particularly plastic surgery. During his general medicine studies at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, he focused on acquiring knowledge and skills that would allow him to specialize in this field of medicine.

After graduating from university in 2008, Dr. Sánchez Pacheco decided to continue his education in general surgery at the Military Teaching Hospital Dr. Ramón de Lara, with the endorsement of the Central University of the East, in San Pedro de Macorís, also in the Dominican Republic. During his specialization, he gained experience in a wide range of surgical procedures, including trauma surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, vascular surgery, breast surgery, and oncological surgery.

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However, his passion for plastic and reconstructive surgery remained strong, so he decided to continue his education in this specialty.

In 2017, he began his residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Jalisco Institute of Reconstructive Surgery “Dr. José Guerrerosantos” in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, endorsed by the University of Guadalajara. During his training, he had the opportunity to work with some of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico and the world, acquiring advanced knowledge and skills in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

In 2020, after completing his residency, Dr. Sánchez Pacheco returned to the Dominican Republic to practice his specialty in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Since then, he has gained a great reputation in his home country for his precise surgical technique and patient-centered approach. He has performed a wide range of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery procedures, including nose surgery, eyelid surgery, breast surgery, liposuction, and abdominoplasty, among others.

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Dr. Sánchez Pacheco is a respected figure in the medical industry, being an active member of several medical organizations, including the Dominican Medical College, the Dominican Society of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery (SODOCIPRE), and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). His commitment to excellence and quality is demonstrated through his certification by these organizations, which assures his patients that they are in safe and experienced hands.



In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Sánchez Pacheco has also participated in congresses and training courses around the world. He also focuses on sharing information and knowledge with his colleagues, working collaboratively to improve the quality of plastic and reconstructive surgery services in the Dominican Republic.

In summary, Dr. Argenis Sánchez Pacheco is a highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon, with a passion for improving the lives of his patients through plastic and reconstructive surgery. His extensive training and experience in general surgery and his specialization in plastic and reconstructive surgery have allowed him to develop advanced skills in a variety of surgical procedures.


Overall, Dr. Sánchez Pacheco is a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, committed to providing personalized and high-quality care to his patients, and to the continuous improvement of the plastic and reconstructive surgery industry in his country.

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